Paul Calvert

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My name is Paul Calvert and I am originally from Carlisle in Cumbria.

I have been out in Israel now since 2002.

I was visiting the Holy land and was praying "God where do you want me to be". I felt God say "Come build the walls of Jerusalem".

You ask yourself "was that really God ?" but a few weeks later we decided to go to the King David Museum at Jaffa gate in Jerusalem, As we walked through there was a sign on the wall which read "Come build the walls of Jerusalem". So I left my past job and went to Jerusalem in 2002.

The work has developed over the years but currently I run a radio station in Bethlehem with Crossrhythms radio and I work as a journalist.

I collect many different stories of the land, Looking at ministries in Israel and in the Palestinian authority, and get the opportunity to interview in the Israeli parliament and special government press tours, looking at the Jewish side of life too.

I am also involved in schools work, speaking in 6 different schools in Bethlehem (Palestinian) and in Jerusalem too .