My name is Malcolm I’m the Station Manager, as well as presenting the Jazz Show on a Tuesday between 7:00pm and 9:00pm,

I also play in a jazz band name ‘One Foot in the Grove’ though some are now saying one foot in the grave. I play guitar and keyboard after a fashion.

I also present the Jazz Show on Tuesday and the Shed on Friday (see the Schedule)

Have been a christian as long as I can remember and support the Rev Linda in her ministry at Cornerstone Baptist

I am a trained electronics engineer and took on the task of setting up the studio and installing all its software, I think we have a pretty good setup though they is always something to do.

I have been involved in the entertainment business since I was sixteen when I started playing in a band with a few mates, have worked at Butins and done gigs a far away as Germany (not a happy time)

I take my role as Station Manager seriously, and would like all the presenters and listeners to enjoy Faithful Radio for a long time to come     …..      BACK TO THE MUSIC