Paul Peters

paul peters
  • I started in radio when at the age of 16, in November 1965, I left home to become a d.j. on an offshore radio station called Radio Essex, using the name Paul Freeman. This station broadcast from an old WW2 Naval Fort called Knock John 18 miles out into the North Sea. Over the years I've presented shows on many radio stations including BBC Radio Medway (now called BBC Radio Kent)
  • In 2007, and again in 2009, I was invited by the BBC to take part in Pirate BBC Essex. This station was set up to re-create a typical 1960's offshore station and broadcast from the LV 18 Light vessel moored at Harwich, on the east cost of England. In 2009 I was asked to used the name Paul Freeman, the name that I was given on the fort in 1965. I presented a 3 hour show on Good Friday. I was so proud that my show followed the GREAT Emperor Rosko's, probably one of the best remembered pirate radio d.j.s. In fact the Count, the character in the film 'The Boat That Rocked' re-named 'Pirate Radio' in the U.S.A, was based on the Emperor Rosko!!! 

  • These days I present 3 weekly shows for Forest FM in the East Dorset, New Forest area of the U.K. The 'Fabulous 50's Radio Show', the 'Swinging 60's Show', and the 'Pirate Years'. These are all oldies music shows covering the period from 1950 to 1990. These are also broadcast on a dozen or so stations in the U.S., New Zealand, Hungary, Malta, and the Falkland Islands. Go to, the Internet Archive, and search for the shows. You will find them on the Radio TV & Audio Collection pages.
  • As from the 20th October 2914 I am presenting the Mid Morning Show, Monday & Wednesday, on ABBEY 104 in Sherborne, Dorset, U.K., where I play an eclectic mix of old and new tracks.
  • In January 2013 I set up a small Charitable Fund now known as 'Caring Friends Worldwide'. We collect unwanted books and sell them to raise money to help maintain a small village library, and to pay for Cleft Lip operation on young people in Bangladesh.