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As part of our outreach we launched Faithful Radio a  24/7 internet radio station, 

Our prayer is to reach the world with the gospel message and that following Jesus, and living out the word does not have to be stuffy

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We have moved into a new studio within the church building, and are continuing to improve both the software and ourselves as presenters, live shows will be broadcast as per schedule

We continue to pray for Rev Linda as she recovers from bowel cancer, this does mean however that the show the Rev Linda presents will be off air until she is recovers well enough to plan and present shows, thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

                     New Schedule in operation - check it out

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                          Station News

Brians James has agreed to become the new Station Manager, and has taken up the post with immediate effect. We all wish Brian success and have much confidence in his ability to move the station forward

Check out our list of presenters, all of whom are delighted to make a contribution to Faithful Radio, we thank them for making your station 

                                                                                                      ………………………..The best internet station in the world……………….

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Introducing:-   Geoff Dorsett award winning presenter, Geoff received the acclaimed GEO Award in Chicago for ‘Outstanding Contributing Programme’ for his Solid Gold ‘60s show and Supersonic ‘70s. Recently Kick up the 80/s won the most valuable international SOLA  award.

It is "Kick up the 80s" Geoff is bringing to Faithful Radio, we are confident you will enjoy Geoff’s company as he takes you through the 80s.


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