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Faithful Radio a  24/7 internet radio station, playing the songs for you, Malcolm and Brian are passionate about radio, and together have a vision and commitment to bring only the best radio presenters and show for your enjoyment

We moved into a new studio within the church building over a year ago, and are continuing to improve both the software and ourselves as presenters, live shows will be broadcast as per schedule, if you have an idea for a show contact the station and have a chat with Brian our Station Manager.

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We continue to pray for Rev Linda presenter of the Lighthouse Show as she recovers from bowel cancer, this does mean however that the show the Rev Linda presents will be off air until she is recovers well enough to plan and present shows, she has however committed herself to continue to present Station Hits, Faithful Radio’s answer to Top of the Pops. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

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Check out our list of presenters, all of whom are delighted to make a contribution to Faithful Radio, we thank them for making your station 

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Introducing Two Top Presenter 

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Geoff Dorsett award winning presenter, Geoff received the acclaimed GEO Award in Chicago for ‘Outstanding Contributing Programme’ for his Solid Gold ‘60s show and Supersonic ‘70s. Recently Kick up the 80/s won the most valuable international SOLA  award.

It is "Kick up the 80s" Geoff is bringing to Faithful Radio, we are confident you will enjoy Geoff’s company as he takes you through the 80s.


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Denny Farrell Big Band Hall of Fame inductee and winner of the National Ballroom & Entertainment Association’s Award for his outstanding radio program The Original Big Band Showcase.  Denny is one of Chicago’s very own and is rated as the top broadcaster in the country with his very distinctive format that combines Swing, along with Sweet, and that Dixieland and jazz beat.

Denny Farrell’s Original Big Band Showcase covers all of the great Big Band and Jazz groups from the 1920’s, 30,s 40,s 50’s and today.  

The Original Big Band Showcase, is considered the best link to the past with the door wide open, Come on in to the old study What can I play for you?


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My name is Paul Calvert and I am originally from Carlisle in Cumbria.

I left my past job and went to Jerusalem in 2002.

The work has developed over the years but currently I run a radio station in Bethlehem with Crossrhythms radio and I work as a journalist.

I collect many different stories of the land, Looking at ministries in Israel and in the Palestinian authority, and get the opportunity to interview in the Israeli parliament and special government press tours, looking at the Jewish side of life,

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Introducing Geoff Roper he is new to presenting, a former head of school  Geoff’s has very eclectic musical tastes and he would like you to listen in on Monday Lunch and share his  vision and musical tase 

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Jenni J is our newest recruit again new to radio presenting and wishes to send you musically back to the 70s her favourite musical era listen out for announcements for her show.

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Presented by DJ70x7

The HopeJamz radio show plays a range of upbeat music from around the world, showcasing new & exclusive releases each week with interviews, acapellas and artist introductions. 

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